Retirement for most men usually signals the start of a love affair with beards, Scottish Malts, and reclining easy chairs.

Birdcrafts' master-craftsman John Schofield, however, is not most men.

While the whiskers and Whisky have won through, John wasn't quite ready to put his feet up, and what started as a reason to escape the wife for a few hours in the shed, has grown into a fully fledged cottage industry.

And it's that one-man-band mentality which has seen Birdcraft go from strength to strength.

Now employing his sons, Oliver and Nigel, Birdcraft is truly a family business; producing the highest quality products associated with big business but with the love and attention of a father and son team.

So it's no wonder Birdcrafts' dovecotes and birdtables can be seen in gardens across the UK and Europe and as far away as Japan.

The only thing that worries John is; what does he do when he retires?